Here's the Brass Junkies at recent gigs - we're next playing at the Old Market Assembly in Bristol on 17th June 2016

BRASS JUNKIES - Big Brass Band Bash - Shoreditch (hosted by BrassRoots) 

BRASS JUNKIES - Plantation, Bristol - Hallelujah Time



Here's a recent vid of myself and Phil King - NORTH STAR LOVER

We recorded it during a little rehearsal for his album launch........

Check out his album "THE WRECKAGE" - available on iTunes and his website.........


Check out CHIRIMOYA here  - we play rhythm and blues in a Nu Yorican style, Jimmy Hendrix meets Tito Puente......

Come and join us at the Canteen on 25th May 2016.


Here's my first (and only) solo CD - called "All the Good Things" (Tenterhook Records)

Recorded many moons ago - I still like some of the songs!



If you would like to get your hands on Ye Olde Compact Disc - click on the links below . . .  

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